Triggers in Recovery – Building Sanctuary Within

One roadblock I seem to keep hitting in recovery is when other people talk about what they eat. I've learned about selective attention and other psychological phenomena in my studies but its funny to feel it in action where it almost seems like when someone says something that threatens my eating disorder, they're saying it in [...]

9 Questions to ask of your negative thoughts

Prompted by today's word of the day. Mental illness is usually associated with misleading thought patterns that have left well-worn tracks in our brain. Oftentimes however, we take those paths simply because they're easier at this point and we don't notice the opposing evidence. Recognizing our cognitive faux-pas can be difficult, and making a habit [...]

“You (can)’t love somebody else before you love yourself”?

Pingback “You can’t love anybody else until you love yourself” Lets be honest, we’ve likely all seen or heard this statement somewhere. Personally, I never really stopped to consider it until recently. Which brings us to the reason for today’s post – I’m here to tell you why I disagree. First of all, I took [...]

Thinking About Medication for Your Mental Illness?

[Please note: I am not a mental health nor medical professional - I'm drawing on personal experience and am citing resources for your own referral in this discussion.] Last year I was prescribed a new anti-depressant which I had a very bad response to, significantly worsening my depression and sending me into one of the [...]

“It gets better”

It does get better. I know, I know. Every time someone told me that I wanted to punch them in the face. “The audacity. How on earth can they say that me. They don’t know what I’m going through. Their world isn’t collapsing around them. They aren’t being suffocated by life. I don’t even know [...]