Exercise in Eating Disorder Recovery

This is a nuanced topic. Of course there's no denying the benefits of exercise in promoting good mental and physical health. Unfortunately, there's also no denying that it can often be abused in harmful ways as part of an eating disorder. Once again, I am not a health care professional and the ideas/opinions I share [...]

No-Bake Caramel Date Slices

No Bake Caramel Date Slices Makes 8-12 | Time: 20 minutes prep. 1+ hour cooling. I posted a snap of these caramel slices on Instagram and promised to share the recipe. So here we are, more than a month later... you'll notice a few of "your choice”’s thrown in here, that's because I don’t actually [...]

Healthy is Relative

I saw something the other day that made me upset. I got an email from a fitness account that I subscribe to. The title of it was something along the lines of "How to deal with chocolate cravings". Now to most people, this probably sounds intriguing, and if you're on of those people, I'm happy [...]