I define me.

People with mental illnesses are, first and foremost,  people. I'm excited to announce that I recently became an ambassador for project I Define Me. This campaign strives to combat the stigma and fear associated with mental illness by disassembling the ignorance underlying it all by showcasing that above all else, people with mental illness are just [...]

“You are not the flu.”

I'm not eating disordered. I am not depressed. I am not my mental illnesses. I have mental illnesses. I have depression. I have an eating disorder. I have struggles. I am not my struggles. "There's a difference between experiencing suffering and becoming it." Holding onto mental illness as a part of our identities makes the maladaptive behaviours that [...]

What lies ahead

via Daily Prompt: Luminescent "Even the darkest star burns bright enough for us to see"  For so long you have defined yourself by your struggles. You've found a comfortable and familiar identity within your mental illness, you have let your identity be swallowed up. The thought of leaving all of this behind is scary because [...]