The extraordinarily ordinary moments in-between mental illness exist – I promise

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But it does get better. 

Some parts of our lives are really hard, really dark, and when we look back it’s kind of like reflecting on what a long winter felt like when you’d go months without being able to remember what it felt like to feel your toes and fingers because it was so cold, and the sunsets were never there and the sun didn’t make you feel warm and everything was dry and icy-

But it does get better. 

And you won’t see it coming: you won’t notice it happening, the thawing – you won’t notice every day how you’re starting to hum to yourself again or how laughter is coming more easily than it did before or how you’ve started noticing sunsets and feeling sunshine again. 

You’ll just be sitting on your couch at 11 am on a Wednesday listening to traffic and…

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So glad to be a part of the continuing conversation to decrease stigma, promote reflection and positive identity. Today I'd like to recognize: Georgie for acknowledging all kinds of success! "Getting out of bed when your alarm goes off, having a shower, eating a good breakfast, going to the gym, getting in your car, driving [...]

In praise of punctuation, and my mental illness – The Globe and Mail

Lovely article!

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In praise of punctuation, and my mental illness

Stories give me an area between the happy and sad, Andrea Mathieson writes, where I just exist, on the pages and in actuality, outside of my own head.

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