Hopeful Habit Changing

Two weeks in to January might seem a little late to be posting about "New Years Resolutions" but harbouring mixed feelings about the whole endeavour is exactly why I'm not calling these "resolutions" at all but rather "habits" or affirmations. I recognize that no one changes over night - people don't just wake up on [...]

01-04 Gratitude

Inspired by this prompt, it never hurts to express gratitude for what you have. Here are a few for me today. What are you grateful for today? The lovely B&B I'm currently staying in with my wonderful boyfriend. The opportunity and resources to travel Pre-programmed coffee maker that woke me up with its gentle gurgling. [...]

18 Things I Learned in 2018

Without going into too much detail, I'll just say that this past year has been one of the toughest of my life. No real "resolutions" here per se, just bringing the important lessons with me, leaving behind the past, and moving forward with personal growth and self discovery in the upcoming year (and whatever those [...]


Face it, Head on, Like a dear in the headlights. Look your demons in their cold, dead eyes And take your freedom back. Grab, and wrestle your life out of their torturous grasp. Claw your way back to what is yours, To what shouldn't have ever been taken from you in the first place. Don't [...]


You ask me To commit to something I can't even imagine. To strive for something that seems beyond my grasp. A leap of faith you ask, Blind trust, As if trust alone weren't hard enough already. How do you commit to the unknown? Like surrendering yourself to the mercy of the ocean's tides? Fighting every [...]