Exercise in Eating Disorder Recovery

This is a nuanced topic. Of course there's no denying the benefits of exercise in promoting good mental and physical health. Unfortunately, there's also no denying that it can often be abused in harmful ways as part of an eating disorder. Once again, I am not a health care professional and the ideas/opinions I share [...]


via Daily Prompt: Warning “Reflections in the mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideals of beauty." I think to a large extent this is true. Over the last few decades there has been a tremendous increase in our exposure to popular culture and as a result, an increase in pressures to conform (whether we're [...]


via Daily Prompt: Frantic  Frantic: wild or distraught with fear, anxiety, or other emotion. ------ My mind.  The wheels spinning in my head, relentlessly. My body. Fighting back with everything it has, living. My lungs. Gasping for air as polluted as my thoughts, suffocating.  My loved ones.  Bailing out a sinking ship, determined.  Anxiety.  Like a [...]