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How to Talk About Suicide — Mental Health Awareness Project

For Suicide Awareness Month, I thought I’d share what I learned having been taught elementary intervention for those contemplating suicide. Being trained to be a suicide alert helper showed me how to navigate a serious subject with candor.Here are a few important take-aways. 1. Know Your ResourcesAnyone has the ability to be a helper… via How [...]

Free From Shame

Here's something I wrote for Libero Magazine. Let me tell you, putting "my story" into (fewer than 1,000) words was difficult, but something I couldn't even consider doing a year ago. As hard as its been to get to where I am and as confusing as it is to think about it all, I'm generally [...]

keeper of the keys

It's a difficult thing to do - to take responsibility for your future without shaming yourself for your past. It's not easy to welcome what I know now without turning around and feeling guilty for not seeing before. It's been hard for me to grasp that moving forward doesn't in any way invalidate where I [...]

“Working on Us” This Week’s Mental Health Prompts for Blogging Community: Week 12: Self-Care Routine — Beckie’s Mental Mess

Hello, All! Welcome back to “Working on Us” – A series that represents people with mental health illnesses/disorders. ~💚~ Before I begin Week #12, I’d like to share with you all the participants that had responded to Week #11 – Topic: Emotional Support and/or Service Animals. This suggestion was provided by Brittney of “Recovery by [...]

Fur Mom

In honour of this week's mental health prompt from Beckie's Mental Mess, I'm introducing you to my furry companion - Tash. She's the closest thing to an emotional support animal I've ever had. I inherited her from my grandma a couple years ago so she's actually quite old. Fortunately, that only means she's incredibly cuddly [...]