Radical Acceptance

Here's a strategy I've been trying to practice regularly in my recovery journey - "radical acceptance". Plot twist: It's really not as radical as it sounds. It might be hard to incorporate this into your daily routine, especially if you're a "worrier" like me, but the concept itself is fairly straightforward, and the more you [...]

#MentallyMe Montage

So glad to be a part of the continuing conversation to decrease stigma, promote reflection and positive identity. Today I'd like to recognize: Georgie for acknowledging all kinds of success! "Getting out of bed when your alarm goes off, having a shower, eating a good breakfast, going to the gym, getting in your car, driving [...]

A Tough Week in Recovery

This was a strange week for me. My mood and anxiety were kind of all over the place, which I think, from what I've pieced together, largely owes to a combination of poor sleep and school stress. After jumping back and forth between panic, dissociation, and fighting unfriendly urges, I reviewed my week with my [...]

Healing? It’s a lot of Work

Note to self: It feels like a lot of work because it is. It feels exhausting because it is. Don’t minimize what you’re doing for yourself. It’s almost like raising yourself from scratch. It’s like starting over. It’s major construction, excavation and strengthening. It is a ton of work. It’s taking your young self’s hand and [...]

In praise of punctuation, and my mental illness – The Globe and Mail

Lovely article!

The Indian Perspective

In praise of punctuation, and my mental illness

Stories give me an area between the happy and sad, Andrea Mathieson writes, where I just exist, on the pages and in actuality, outside of my own head.

from “”mental health” OR “mental disorder” OR “psychiatry” OR “mental illness” OR “psychiatrist” OR “psychotherapist” OR “depression” OR “bipolar” -“the depression”” – Google News https://tgam.ca/2sO1fY0

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