Don’t leave a trace

Don’t want any crumbs

Like we don’t want any more holes in the wall.

Chew quietly,

But the right things,

But not too much.

Don’t walk on your heels,

Your presence is too loud.

we don’t want drinking

So that means no cutlery clinking.

We don’t want lies,

So no speaking.

Be well-behaved

Like walking on eggshells.

No shouting

No sniffing,

Unless you’re sick.

Don’t bang

You can’t express yourself that way.

You can’t express yourself.

I know you have your own problems,

But I can’t help but feel it’s me.

I wish you were happy,

But it’s not my job to make you so

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      1. I’m sure many people will relate to something like that at some point in their lives… And hopefully recognise that it isn’t healthy and make changes.
        So great that you are participating 🙂 In fact, I see you have already!!! You’re fast 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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