A thoughtful note submitted to me by a reader that I thought I’d share. I’ll let his simple eloquence do the talking:

“I will say this…

One of the things people probably say most often about my being a writer is how cathartic it must be, how it must help me get rid of stuff.
Fact is, as we all know, stuff doesn’t dissolve when we write it down.
Sometimes writing it helps… sometimes writing it reaches out to other people who have been there too… sometimes writing gives shape to the spirit trying to define itself in dark places…
But it’s part of a much bigger story.
Sometimes we catch a piece of it in words, sometimes we chase it through an ocean of silence…
But we all find our own way, and when we do, that’s when the spirit we’ve been going on starts to shine.
Sometimes others are there to see, sometimes we are alone. But when we find what shines, it tends not to matter.
There are books and seminars and who-knows-what out there that would try to sell us a formula for this… but what makes it sing, whether in silence, in words, in giggles or the lapping of an evening tide, is that there is no formula.
But there is you, bravely reaching out in a world that often doesn’t.
Don’t doubt the power if that.
Just a thought.”
– John (scribbler of stuff)

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