To Healing

The price of entry isn’t more pain.

It’s not proving your suffering –

No proof-of-pain needed at the door.

You don’t need to justify your worth or you appearance here.

There’s no secret passcode or VIP invitation,

Healing is not something you have to earn.

Healing invites you in with open arms.

It patiently awaits you,

respite from the storm,

ready to welcome you whenever you arrive.

It doesn’t care when you get there,

or if you show up later or early,

all it asks is that you show up.

All you need is yourself.

All you need is hope – asking you to choose in favour of possibility.

All you need is the smallest inkling that something more out there exists for you.

Something better.

You deserve it now,

you always have and always will.

sentiment | hope

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