Small Things to do when Stagnation Hits

I’ve been there. When the days seem long and it gets harder to get out of bed in the morning. When you feel like you may be “in a rut”, self-care can easily fall by the wayside and you may often feel like you need a pick-me-up but are at a loss of what to do.

When it all seems overwhelming, it can be good to know that some small changes can actually make a big difference and really help you feel better. That’s what this list is for. (Inspired by this post) because sometimes you just need to start small and check off a few things on your To-Do List to get the ball rolling again.

Please remember that productivity does not define your worth as a person. It can be hard when depression comes knocking at the door, this is why I’ve compiled a reference list of a few manageable things you can do that might make you feel better and a little accomplished.

Don’t stress about including all of them, just pick a few you think you’d be willing to try, and incorporate them for a week or so, and if you like it – keep going or add another one! You can set an alarm/reminder on your phone so you remember to do it until it becomes a regular habit.

  • Drink 1 more cup of water a day.
  • Delete 1 social media app from your phone or set alarms for how long you can use it.
    • There are a bunch of timer apps now that allow you to regulate your browsing  and app permissions to try and reduce screen time.
  • Consider taking the stairs or walking when you might usually choose an alternative.
  • Donate unused clothes or household items to charity.
  • Read one page (or one chapter) of a book you’ve been meaning to start.
  • Meditate for one minute each day.
    • Set a timer and just sit and breathe. (First thing in the morning and first thing before bed are easy).
  • Stretch for one minute before bed.
  • When you think something nice about someone, say it.
  • Add 1 more fruit or vegetable to your day.
    • Bring an apple, banana or orange with you in your bag etc.
  • Floss your teeth 1 more day a week.
  • Try to correct your posture when you catch yourself slouching.
  • Make a point of not look at others (in real life or on social media) to compare yourself to them. If you catch yourself, redirect your attention or close the page.
  • Put your pocket change into a jar at the end of each day and save it up.
  • Swap one movie (or TV show) that you watch a month for something you might not usually watch like an interesting educational documentary or historical movie.
  • Start replacing your “sorry”s with “thank you”s instead.
  • At the end of each day, write down 1 good thing that happened.
  • Change something about your morning ritual. I.e. start making your bed as soon as you get up, put your pj’s away, wash your face, open the curtains etc.
  • Once a week (or depending on how often you eat out) substitute one meal you might buy or eat out with a homemade one.
    • This also gives you a chance to try a new recipe you’ve been wanting to taste or to cook with friends or roommates.
  • Do you dishes before bed so you don’t wake up to a dirty pile.

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