#MentallyMe Montage

Happy new day. Here are some posts from users sharing using the #mentallyme hashtag. It’s great to see some lovely humans telling their stories and honestly reflecting going into the new year.

If you’re curious about what this movement involved here’s a quick introductory post!

Simple but powerful. Thanks to Emilie Gagliardo @sprouttherapypdx

“New Year’s Resolutions! If these are your jam, I’ve got some non-diet, non-“my body is a problem” ideas to start your year off strong (& give you handy ways to change the New Year’s conversations away from diet culture talk). I’ll share which ones I’m working on as we go!
📚 Read more (body positive!) books
📱Spend less time on your phone, or resolve to not pick up your phone during conversations with people
📬 Write a letter a month
📃Contact your representatives on policy issues that matter to you monthly
❤️Tell people you love them more
🎁 Buy your friends birthday presents (this is one I’m working on—I’m notorious for never buying birthday gifts😬) 👨‍👩‍👧 Spend more quality time with your parents
⛪️ Go to church/synagogue/religious activities more (🙋‍♀️)
👀 Read emails twice before sending them (another one of mine)
📺 Watch less TV (choose another default activity—reading, calling a friend, etc.)
🎵 Learn the basics of a musical instrument .
🙏🏼 Pick an organization to volunteer at every month (or week)
To be honest, the most successful New Year’s resolution I ever had was to wear more necklaces. Simple, almost silly, but it worked and turned out to be a great one. It didn’t depend on radically altering my lifestyle or shaming myself, it was a fun way to wear things I already owned but had gotten out of the habit of putting on, and it was a simple thing I could ask myself every morning and accomplish!👋🏼 .
The point is that resolutions don’t have to be big, and I think they’re most successful when they’re little daily practices that you can get into the habit of checking in with yourself on. Because HABITS are what behavior change depend on. .
So here’s to getting into new habits—ones that make us a little smarter, a little more relaxed, a better friend/daughter/wife/daughter, or just a little better dressed💃🏼
New Year’s is a bit of an arbitrary date, but I think it’s always good practice to reflect, set goals, and develop habits that get you closer to the person you want to be. Here’s to growth & development (and NO diet culture bullshit🙅‍♀️) in the New Year! 🥂 .” – Naomi @dietculturesucks

“What a year it’s been. 
First, I got a new job. 
And then I got another concussion. And then after that, I graduated. After I graduated, I had my last dance recital at my studio. And I cried. I cried a lot. And then I went to college. And then I survived my first year of college. 
It’s not a lot but it was difficult to keep going. 
But the most difficult thing I went through this year, was realizing more of what’s wrong with me. 
The more of what’s wrong with me, is that I seem to have an eating disorder. 

And I’m not fine. I need to talk to someone about it, and I know that. And I think I’m just so scared of getting help because I’m afraid of being okay and because I don’t know who I am without my mental health problems being as prominent as they are. 
Last time I tried to get help it scared me because it didn’t help me at all. 
But that’s one of my “resolutions” this year. I never do resolutions. But I’ve decided that this year I’m going to let myself get help.” – Hannah Claire

“New year, same me 🤟🏼.

And I’m so proud to say that 🙃 the last few years, I’ve worked to change my habits, choices, and lifestyle in an effort to value myself as I searched for my own self-worth and love. And I’m grateful for all of that growth and development. –
I know who I am & I love who I am. And now that I know what I want and where I want to go, the possibilities are endless. –
SO 2019, let’s see what we can do 😉.” – Lizzie Somabut

Hope for Tomorrow Foundation Inc

“Sometime last March I decided I couldn’t go to another yoga class until I lost some weight, or toned up a little bit, because I felt like I didn’t deserve to be there. I kept comparing myself instead of focusing on what yoga is really about, and so I stopped going. In the several months since then I haven’t changed much physically 🤷🏼‍♀️but I’ve been working on changing mentally. And so today I stepped back into class after ~10 months. And it was hard. And it was a little emotional (for the first time ever). But I’m so glad I did it..and it doesn’t hurt that the teacher is a lovely friend ❤️ all that being said, my intention for this year is to stop waiting for things to change and just dive in, whether I think I’m ready or not. 
In this class today we did a meditation at the end that I just want to put out into the universe for everyone for this year:
May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May you love with ease.
Here’s to 2019!” – Cheerstobalance

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