10 Simple Activities to Help you Relax

Inspired by this daily prompt – relaxation.

1. Do some breathing exercises

2. Clean up your social media. 

De-clutter your digital feed and focus your screen time on things that are beneficial for you.

3. Write

Record your thoughts and feelings or keep note of things you have to do. I find it really relieves some mental space and extra stress.

4. Declutter your work space.

Some people perform better in tidy environments. If you’re one of those people, cleaning up your work or living space can really make a difference. Even the act of tidying itself can be an opportunity to be present and reflective.

5. Take a nap

Lack of sleep can significantly affect stress levels so having a quick rest can definitely help.

6. Take a shower/bath 

7. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

Learn to start saying “no” and schedule some dedicated “me-time” into your calendar.

8. Laugh. 

Watch a funny movie, read a book, play a game, or chat with friends.

(Check out some of those 1-hour comedy specials on Netflix – there are a ton!)

9. Reduce your screen time. 

Unplugging, which most of us do far too infrequently, can really help you re-centre and be present.

10. Stretch 

You don’t have to do elaborate yoga or any complicated stretches but just taking a few minutes to stretch can release a lot of physical tension and lower your anxiety levels significantly.


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