“#MentallyMe Montage” – 7 Featured Posts From Followers

In good company – Here are a few featured posts from users tagging #MentallyMe on Instagram.

I love scrolling through the hashtag to see others sharing their story, fighting stigma, and generally just living their lives not letting mental health get in their way. I hope in some way it reminds you that you are not alone, and that your struggles are valid but not in that they define you as a person.

Maria Psych

“Remember self care. Remember that it’s not always external things like resting, taking a break, listening to relaxing music, taking a bath, having a chocolate, going out. It can also be a perfectly silent, introspective work, when you finally let that emotion you were repressing be, when you listen to your intuition, when you sit with your discomfort and pain and frustration and welcome them with understanding and acceptance, when you think something positive about yourself, when you don’t cling to or reject emotions, when you accept whatever is, when you let yourself love, when you forgive yourself & others, when you pray, when you think positive thoughts, when you cheer yourself up, when you choose to feel at peace, when you prioritize yourself, when you choose to stop worrying, when you live in the moment, when you decide to trust your journey, when you’re okay with feeling blue, uncertain, confused, sad, angry, emotional. When you replace guilt with self love, when you choose love over fear, when you recognize your truth, when you own your story. This is self care too. Always remember” – [Original post]

Nicole, Cultivated Wellness

“You were not made to be silenced. Or to fit into a suffocating box of unrealistic standards 💔 The diet industry, male gaze, and ironically other women themselves will keep telling you what you need to be, what you need to become; either directly, or implicitly through images and messages 💌 And here’s a reminder that needs to be screamed daily: YOU CAN TAKE UP AS MUCH SPACE AS YOU WANT. You have unconditional permission to & the world needs more empowered women like you.    • • • •
And so I’ll ask it over and over again 👉🏼 who are you separate from what you perceive or told you’re “supposed” to be?” [Original Post].

– Liza – The Sunny Page

“The spell error is bugging me but you get the point. You’re making it through a whole year, and you’ve grown 365 days stronger. You did not waste time. You did what you needed to do. You’ll make it through this. I promise. Because I believe in you” [Original Post].

Cheers to Balance

“Here’s a picture of 🍕 from a couple days ago (someday pizza will not be such a difficult food for me-I genuinely used to love it!) I honestly wasn’t sure about posting because I like to be positive and upbeat and giving 100% to my recovery, but sometimes that’s just not the case. I’m human 🤷🏼‍♀️ I need to accept that and stop trying so hard to be so damn perfect. This past week or so has been really really fucking hard. Some things have changed, I’ve moved, new roommates, new routine, and some tough family things that involved lots of driving back and forth between here and NY. And it has been a perfect mess that allowed all of those safe, familiar, eating disorder habits to slide in hard. I know I’ll be okay, I know I can get through all of this, and I might need a little more support and that’s ok. I know I’ll be ok, AND it’s still really hard. And that’s ok” [Original Post]


Naomi, Diet Culture Sucks

“The most important thing I’ve realized about what I eat is that, frankly, it’s not important😯
Truth is, the actual fact of what food I put into my body will always be less important that my RELATIONSHIP with food. 🤷‍♀️Nutrition has a place in our lives, sure, but that place is after we develop a normal, healthy, non-obsessive, non-restrictive relationship with food❗️
This is why, in the book Intuitive Eating, “gentle nutrition” is the LAST principle. Making food choices “that honor your health and taste buds while making you feel well” sure is important, but it can only come AFTER you’ve unpacked diet culture in all its sneaky forms and reconnected with the intuitive wisdom around food we all have at birth. 👶🏼
🙅‍♀️ Otherwise you can end up turning intuitive eating into the hunger/fullness diet, beating yourself up when you don’t honor your fullness cues, striving for a rigid sense of balance, worrying about meals that aren’t perfectly satisfying, and otherwise subverting the experience of intuitive eating.
🗣 Remember: your relationship with food comes first, and gentle nutrition flows later–perhaps much later. And always, what you choose to eat is YOUR BUSINESS. Not your parents’, not your friends’, not the business of the “health coach” that bothers you over dm. Prioritize developing a relationship with food that makes you happy, that doesn’t take over your brain, that HONORS YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. Your food. Your business.
🤔 What are you doing to put your relationship with food first? What is the hardest part of this practice? Let’s chat💛
Shirt is by my friend Jess @whollyhealed & you can get one from her page!” [Original Post].


Happy with Liv

“ha ha you think you’re powerful anorexia?
stupid creature
you may plague my mind from time to time
but your not powerful anymore
I am
so I’m having a coconut bar and a massive smoothie and whatever else I fancy eating today
because I’ve come so far
and there’s no WAY I’m going back” [Original Post].


“Life is work, and work becomes art. It’s full of majestic moments.” [Original Post].

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