6 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself Over the Holidays

Inspired by this prompt.

  1. Buy yourself chapstick and moisturizer.
  • Even though they may seem silly, These small comforts can make me feel significantly better!
  • 2. Stay hydrated
  • Taking care of yourself physically, even if it’s a small thing, can boost your spirits.
  • 3. Meditate, stretch, or doing breathing exercises.
  • Take a few minutes to release some tension from your body or to notice the present moment.
  • 4. Don’t feel bad for cancelling plans or for taking time for yourself.
  • Social obligations can seem to carry even more weight over the holidays, but your health and happiness are priority. Don’t stretch yourself too thin or feel pressured into situations that might be harmful. Reflect on your boundaries and as much as you can, try to accept that it’s okay to say no.
  • 5. Find something enjoyable to do.
  • Bake cookies, watch your favourite movie, go outside (if it’s not too cold!), donate old clothes, give to a food drive, shovel a neighbours walkway, read a new book, play a board game with friends or family,
  • 6. Reach out if you’re in need.
  • Yes, there’s pressure to have a good holiday and to be enjoying festivities, but those who care about you would much rather you reach out than be uncomfortable. Remember that not everyone is having an amazing day or week – you’re not alone, and for some, the holiday season is really no different from the rest of the year, it’s not worth sacrificing your health.
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