I define me.

People with mental illnesses are, first and foremost,  people.

I’m excited to announce that I recently became an ambassador for project I Define Me. This campaign strives to combat the stigma and fear associated with mental illness by disassembling the ignorance underlying it all by showcasing that above all else, people with mental illness are just as much unique individuals as anyone else.

This opportunity is near and dear to my heart as it’s encouraging me to take control back from my labels and whatever “sick identity” I thought I had and focus on defining my own life in other, much more important ways, besides just how my neurotransmitters do or don’t function.

I started the #MentallyMe movement to do just this. To allow others to share their journey of coming home to themselves and to promote the joy of discovering our unique identities not despite, but beyond, our mental illness or our struggles. Embrace human imperfection and diversity by sharing your story and supporting others doing the same.

I’m very passionate about speaking out about mental health, and I sometimes thought this was giving my mental illness too much power over me, but I realize that I can and will continue to fight for awareness and health by drawing on my personal experiences. Project I Define Me and my own #MentallyMe movement has allowed me to do so.

If you would like to support the movement here’s the link to the I Define Me web shop and if you use my personal discount code (jstringer10) you get 10% off your order!



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