Supporting Someone You Love

My mom said to me this morning

“Watching someone you love struggle is one of the hardest things you may ever have to do”.

Not because you have to try and help them,

But because you have to try and accept that you can’t.

You’ll want them to do well.

But sometimes their “doing well” Is a relative thing, and will still be hard to watch.

Erroneously, albeit nobly, you may think that if you love them fiercely enough,

you can make up for the way they feel about themselves.

You may truly want what’s best for them,

but you likely won’t always know what that is.

It’s important you remain conscious of what’s best for yourself in this process.

It can be a long road,

so respect your own boundaries and fill your tank first.

And as much as you can,

try and enjoy the journey.

Because it doesn’t have to be all bad.

Try to see the clarity among the chaos,

the reasons you chose to stand by each other in the first place.

You might want to give them the tools they need fight,

but you might not have them yourself to begin with.

And through no fault of your own, they might not always use them,

And they might not always choose to fight.

It isn’t personal.

They didn’t choose to suffer,

but your choice to support them (in whatever way you are comfortable)

often means the world.

Please don’t give up.

Your love and support helps us keep fighting.

Walking by our side towards a better life gives us courage to keep going.

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