Join the #MentallyMe Movement

Hey everyone! Having had some time for myself and a chance to reflect, I’m finally solidifying what I hope to accomplish with this blog and my instagram. These platforms have been so helpful for me, as part of my recovery journey and therapeutic process – allowing me to put my thoughts to “paper” and make sense of all the thinking I do. I’ve been so grateful to connect with many like-minded people and for the opportunity to be introduced to new perspectives and challenge my own beliefs. I think this is so important I’m hoping to take this one step further by kicking off the #MentallyMe movement!

So what is the movement exactly?

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 4.59.41 PM

1 – It’s a chance to reclaim your social media space.

I’m hoping that using this hashtag will instil some sense of responsibility for our use of social media. Depending on how we use them, these platforms can be either very positive or very negative when it comes to our social lives and mental health. The #mentallyme movement is a reminder to check in with yourself, not only with regards to how your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook feed influences you, but also to start being more introspective. I’m hoping this movement will encourage conscious reflection and taking time to pause and check in with yourself. Think of it as a form of digital-age mindfulness.

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2 – Its a call to action

An important part of my journey has been realizing that the suffering I, or others, have endured can be used to instigate positive change. Use the negative to creative something positive. Continue the conversation. Following along the lines of how we can use social media positively in our own lives, we can use it to positively benefit others as well. Be an advocate. Remind others that they don’t stand alone. Openly challenge the stigma.

3 – Its a reminder of our common humanity.

I want us to use the “mentally me” hashtag to promote vulnerability and honesty on social media and with ourselves and each other. I know it’s difficult not to feel like everything we post should be a highlight reel but in doing so, our online communities paint an increasingly biased picture of the human condition. No one has all the answers – we all have struggles – we are all flawed, imperfect human beings and this is what connects us. We can’t do it alone but we’re not supposed to.

Embrace the messy.

Lean into the discomfort.

Accept the imperfections.

4 – It’s a chance to cultivate your identity outside of your mental illness.

In venturing into the “recovery community” I found myself getting constantly swept up in my identity as a “patient”. I hope the Mentally Me community allows us to recognize our strength in overcoming our struggles and to encourage each other to stay in the fight. This messy journey of life and discovery gives us the chance to learn a lot about ourselves and the world.

There is more to you than what you can and can’t do.

There is more to you even than what struggles you have and haven’t overcome.

I hope that using the mentally me hashtag can help us see that beyond any diagnostic labels we may or may not have, and that before everything else, we are all ultimately human.

Want to get involved?

Send me a message, tag #MentallyMe in your posts. I’ll be reaching out to create a section of contributors on this blog featuring stories and posts from the hashtag.

I can’t wait to hear from you all.

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