What the Darkness Taught Me

You’re going to need the guidance of someone who can see.

Sometimes it’s not enough wait and hope for the sun to rise.

Sometimes you need to ignite your own damn fire.

It’s not always going to be a fire and that’s okay.

Maybe it’s a spark, or a glowing ember.

Nurture your energy whatever it may be. Stoke it.

Raise it to shine brighter than you ever thought it could, because it will.

Oh baby it will.

You might need someone’s help to keep it going.

That’s okay.

You can’t be an expert all on your own.

Your eyes might adapt to the dark.

Don’t be satisfied.

Don’t settle for dim sight.

Light reaches everyone.

Some people just have to fight a bit harder to see it.

Seeing in the dark is essentially a super power.

It may not feel like it,

But you’ve made it this far Despite everything that’s stood in your way.

That’s pretty amazing.

Fumbling around in the darkness, fighting, living, and learning, has made you stronger.

Your light will win.

The light will come.

Maybe not quickly, maybe slowly and probably not all at once but you will soon be able to see again.

You will no longer be blind to your strength.

You have triumphed over so much more than most.

Now you bring your superpowers to the day.

You’ll find it’s nearly impossible to describe what it’s like to be lost in the dark to someone else.

Have patience.

They can only truly know what it’s like if they have experienced it themselves.

The darkness is a lying bitch.

It’s only a part of your identity by how it shaped who you’ve become having conquered it.

You don’t need it.

It doesn’t define you.

It might be familiar but that does not make it good.

Don’t surrender to its call.

You eyes will take time to adjust to the light.

But they will.

It’ll feel weird at first, and uncomfortable maybe.

But in the end you’ll see that it’s much better living with the light.

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