What lies ahead

via Daily Prompt: Luminescent

“Even the darkest star burns bright enough for us to see” 

For so long you have defined yourself by your struggles. You’ve found a comfortable and familiar identity within your mental illness, you have let your identity be swallowed up.

The thought of leaving all of this behind is scary because you don’t know who you are without it.

Part of you thinks that you’ve come so far with these burdens so maybe they’re what you need to succeed. Maybe your anxiety pushes you to be better? This is your mental illness talking.

You have to consciously push these thoughts away. Anything that can be considered a “burden” by its definition bears difficulty.  You’ve come so far with this weight on your shoulders, imagine the potential you could unleash without it.

Set down your self-doubt, your self-sabotage, the negative emotions, all that drags you down and leap forward lightly. Constantly carrying those weights has only made you stronger.  Imagine how much you can accomplish with freedom, motivation, and passion. With desire and love. At the very least, maybe your accomplishment will simply be happiness, in which case, nothing else really matters. Allow yourself to be satisfied with your efforts and your progress.

Nurture yourself like a mother nurtures their baby. Coach yourself like a positive coach strengthens the best athletes.

Rip away the mask that hides your true self. Would you define someone else by their mental illness? No. So don’t surrender yourself to its labels either. The truth is, it does not define you. It’s simply one aspect of yourself. A self that you have yet to fully discover.

You are more than this.

This is a moment of opportunity. You can be whatever you want to be. It might be scary, but it’s also pretty damn exciting.





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