Reasons to Choose Recovery

Let me know if you guys have anything to add in the comments!

  • Because food tastes fucking good
  • So you can actually enjoy meals with friends and family
  • So you can swim fast, lift heavy, and run far
  • So you can feel the air in your lungs and feel alive again
  • So you can hop out of bed in the morning with energy
  • So you don’t have gross teeth
  • So you’re able to have kids one day
  • So you don’t throw up your medications
  • So when you have your own family, you can be a good role model
  • So you can bake for others but also, finally, yourself
  • So you don’t have weak and brittle bones
  • So you can truly help others
  • So treating yourself to clothes and expressing yourself with fashion can be enjoyable again
  • So you can enjoy learning and living
  • So you can walk up stair without getting winded
  • So you can stand up without getting dizzy
  • So you can socialize with those you love
  • So you’re not cold all the time
  • So your bloating stabilizes
  • So you can focus on things properly
  • So you bruise less
  • So your hair grows healthily
  • So your posture improves and your back hurts less
  • So you don’t feel so down and alone
  • So you can see yourself for as beautiful as you are
  • Because food is delicious
  • Because others have done it and you will too.
  • Because you can.
  • Because you will.

So you can be free.

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